«finished» 8th of the month means “8 Day”. For March, we features 8%-off on all vinyls.

iam8bit Japan and Asia/Oceania’s monthly campaign aptly named “8 Day” campaign.

For “8 Day” campaign of March, we will go with 8% off on all vinyls!

Coupon code: 201903_8OFF
all vinyls Link:https://bit.ly/2VH4xZl

On the Payment method screen, fill the code and apply it.


00:00 March 8 - 24:00 March 15

[Please note]

The discount is applied to all the customers who completed the order and payment during the campaign terms.

The code is valid once per an order, and can be used as much as you like during  the campaign period.

All the customers outside Japan, Asia and Oceania, please go to: http://iam8bit.com.
All the customers resides in Japan, please go to: http://iam8bit.jp.