Wattam PlayStation 4 Physical Edition

Wattam PlayStation 4 Physical Edition


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"Wattam", brand new video game by Keita Takahashi who is renowned for Japan Game Awards and Good Design Award winner, "Katamari Damacy". 
PS4 physical package is now released!

Shipping Schedule: End of July to early August


  • ●Collect All Three Covers - Apple + Sushi + Sun
  • ●Pack-In Bonus: Original Instruction Manual written & illustrated by creator Keita Takahashi
  • ●Reversible Cover!
  • ●Music by Asuka, Brad, Sam and Timmie
  • ●Region Free Worldwide Compatibility

From the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, the legendary Keita Takahashi’s latest opus is Wattam - a game that, at its core, is the ultimate toybox. Its depth of emotion is astounding, chronicling the friendship and folly in the most joyously colorful and bombastic of ways. It’s a very special experience, years-in-the-making, and iam8bit is so very proud to presenting Wattam in a lovingly crafted physical form. Collect all three exclusive covers, lest one be lonely :-)