[Collaboration]PAC-MAN × DiAN × GCORES Ska Jacket

[Collaboration]PAC-MAN × DiAN × GCORES Ska Jacket

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The items worn in the music video for DiAN's "饕餮 TAOTIE" from PAC-MAN's 40th-anniversary album are now available from GCORES Industries, a popular brand among Chinese game fans!

[Comment from Saku (DiAN)]

This special item is a combination of a Ska-Jacket and a Hanten, with Chinese buttons!
The front of the jacket has a large PAC-MAN 40th-anniversary logo, and the back has the word "饕餮 (Tao Tie)" embroidered on it.
The jacket is reversible, with a maze pattern of PAC-MAN printed all over the back.
There are three types of ghost appliques on the chest that can be changed. You can choose the character you feel like wearing that day, and enjoy wearing it in a variety of ways.
This is a recommended piece that can be worn by both men and women.


The creator's unit DiAN is a group consisting of ‘Saku’ (Vocal, Lyrics, Art Direction), ‘A-bee’ (Sound Producer), and ‘immi ’(Composer, Lyrics, Chorus). Their participation in the 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN in 2020 and their collaboration with London Electricity have garnered attention.

GCORES Industries

An apparel brand operated by GCORES, a major Chinese game media company.
The brand is famous in China and abroad for its innovative designs that incorporate young people's hobbies (games, movies) and lifestyles into fashion.

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Size details

  • M:Full Length 74cm / Bust 122cm / Sleeve length 54cm
  • L: Full Length 78cm / Bust 130cm / Sleeve length 57.5cm
  • XL: Full Length 82cm / Bust 138cm / Sleeve length 61cm
  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in China

Washing Instructions

  • Please use a net when washing.
  • Please use a cloth for ironing.
  • Please do not iron the decorative or printed parts.
  • Please use non-fluorescent detergent for raw and light-colored products.
  • Drying at a high temperature or leaving the garment wet may cause dye transfer.
  • Please keep away from open flames and high-temperature objects to avoid burns caused by unexpected fire or melting of resin parts.
  • If you feel any change in your skin after wearing the product, please stop using it immediately.
  • It is dangerous if the straps and elastic from the garment become entangled. If the straps or elastic are too long, please make sure they do not get caught on other items.
  • Please do not wash.
  • To prevent staining, please wash dark-colored products separately from white or light-colored products.
  • Please wash with hook and loop fasteners, zippers, and buttons closed.
  • Hang dry after shaping.
  • When storing, please remove it from the bag. Store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.
  • Please note that the color may fade slightly or reflect on other clothes or underwear when wet due to friction (especially when wet), water, rain, or sweat.
  • Due to the nature of the material, the threads of this product tend to be pulled out or become fuzzy due to friction or catching with the surface wash (hook and loop fasteners, etc.), so please be careful of repeated friction.
  • In order to prevent the pockets from losing their shape, the inside of the pockets are held together with threads. Please cut the threads before use.


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