Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (Nintendo Switch)

Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (Nintendo Switch)

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An action game featuring goose [Untitled Goose Game] from the Australian game developer House House. Nintendo Switch Edition is now available!

  • ●Innovative Eco-Friendly Elements - 100% Recyclable Pack-Ins + Biolefin Shrink-Wrap only available at iam8bit.
  • ●Exclusive reversible coversheet
  • ●The Actual Plaza Catalog, a 24-page mail-order style circular
  • ●11x17” Foldout Town Map hand-drawn by Marigold Bartlett
  • ●“No Goose” Sticker
  • ●Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility

Untitled Goose Game is nothing short of a *honk*nomenon (sorry!), having transcended the hallowed halls of nerdom to become an essential piece of the cultural zeitgeist. Australian developer House House created the ultimate anti-hero with their headlining Goose, crafting a clever and genre-busting puzzler that achieves brilliance with hilarious gestures and impeccable nuance. Everything about this game is charming, from its deftly styled animation to its subtle yet dynamic soundtrack. Included here is a very special mail order-style ‘Plaza Catalog,’ a perfectly informative illustrated booklet, and an elegantly hand-illustrated town map, both made exclusively for the physical edition of the game. It’s enough to make you wanna *honk* *honk*

Adding to that, iam8bit is proud to debut our work-in-progress initiative toward “Eco-Packaging” for physical games. We’re no strangers to engineering unique and crazy packaging, and we’ve taken this opportunity to evolve our approach to product pack-ins and shrink wrap, including:

  • Booklet, Foldout Poster and Cover Sheet are 100% Recyclable Paper Stocks from sustainable sources
  • “No Goose” sticker - Tree-Free, Made from Sugar Cane Waste; Recycle-Compatible Adhesive
  • Eco-Friendly Shrink Wrap (it’s called “Biolefin”!)