Blaseball: DISCIPLINE 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack (Music by

Blaseball: DISCIPLINE 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack (Music by "the garages")


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An enigmatic online browser baseball simulation horror game that was selected as a finalist for the Nebula Award for Best Game Writing by SFWA.


・2xLP Gatefold Jacket Vinyl with Marbled Vinyl

・Includes Mystery Vintage Style Trading Card

・Music by "the garages"

・Album Art by Mark Borgions

・Trading Card Art by Niki Waters

・Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering


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Henceforth & Hooray - it is to be declared herein, that iam8bit has teamed up with the marvelous maniacs, The Game Band (not a musical band) and another equally lovely band, "the garages" (an actual musical band), to produce our MOST AMBITIOUS VINYL SOUNDTRACK EVER. Said wax & groove artifact is regarding the ongoing cultural event phenomenon known as Blaseball (read about it here), which prior to this record manifesting into existence, had a reputation for containing absolutely no audio at all. But now, thanks to The Garages, a soundtrack has been concocted, themed upon the historically significant “DISCIPLINE Era,” which was allegedly also the first era, inspiring the multi-dozen-member Garages ensemble to write a whole bunch of songs about it, including the global smash hits “The Ballad of the Unremarkable Derrick Kreuger” and “In The Feedback” - each of which have been listened to so many times, the internet gave up counting. This album is so freakin’ good, y’all!