Flower Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP - iam8bit (Asia & Oceania)

Flower Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP


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  • • 2xLP Set
  • • Album Art by Filip Hodas
  • • Music by Vincent Diamante

    Considered a spiritual successor to thatgamecompany'۪s flOw, Flower put players in control of the wind, guiding petals through the air - through the juxtapozed environments of nature and city. No words, no text - just Flower.

    Vincent Diamante'۪s score brilliantly complements the gameplay, evoking what very few games ever achieve - a range of emotions, at times both sentimental and grand. Artist Filip Hodas completes the puzzle, composing a subtle but evocative album treatment.

    Collect all three thatgamecompany soundtracks on vinyl from iam8bit, Santa Monica Studio and PlayStation™:

    Side A
    1. Drifting Off
    2. Life as a Flower
    3. Peaceful Repose

    Side B
    1. Splash of Color
    2. Sailing on the Wind

    Side C
    1. Nighttime Excursion
    2. Solitary Wasteland

    Side D
    1. Floating on a Gentle
    2. Purification of the C
    3. Lazy Daydream