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Monument Valley 2 / 纪念碑谷2 - Vinyl Soundtrack


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  • • 2xLP Translucent Colored Vinyl
  • • 180-gram
  • • Music by Todd Baker
  • • Includes Digital Soundtrack*

Born from a small production studio in London, the eye-tricking puzzle game “Monument Valley” was popularized in the United States when it was featured in the Netflix series “House of Cards.” Kevin Spacey playing Frank Underwood - the president of the United States - became obsessed with the game. Well, now the second volume of that game has finally appeared!

The original ”Monument Valley” employed a beautiful, ambient soundtrack. “Monument Valley 2,” however, brings this sonic experience to a whole new level with a Steve Reich-inspired minimal yet luscious soundtrack from Todd Baker. This sound track, paired with the game’s visual renderings by David Fernández Huerta and Nele Williams, makes for a truly charming LP set.

On each disc inside of each inner sleeve is the game’s iconic mother-daughter duo’s silhouette. As well, two-toned, translucent discs in this set are the the of the same dreamy orange and moody blue found in the game.