The Art of Psychonauts 2 (Hardcover Book)

The Art of Psychonauts 2 (Hardcover Book)


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・250+ Page Luxurious Hardcover Art Book

・Featuring never-before-seen concept art, dev interviews, and more!

・Written by acclaimed writer and host, Ashley Esqueda

・Book Design by Lost in Cult

・Foreword by [Mystery Person to be Revealed Later]

・Missed the Psychonauts 2 Fig Campaign? This is your chance to own a part of history!


From campfire-lit clearings and abstract “psychescapes” to candy-striped circus tents, the universe of Psychonauts is a vibrant pastiche drawing on eclectic inspirations. Yet, Psychonauts is more than just wild imagination set loose on screens — each level is masterfully crafted, each character thoughtfully designed, and each figment realized with meticulous intention. 

iam8bit began as the world’s very first pop culture art show, so you can bet your goggles that we know a thing or two about aesthetics. Now, thanks to this 250+ page luxurious hardcover artbook, The Art of Psychonauts 2, fans will get special access and an exclusive glimpse behind the creative curtain of games development. Sure, you expect beautiful, full-page art and lovely contextual words, but hey — we’ve got bigger and better surprises in store. This is a celebration of Psychonauts, through and through, so you can count on a boatload of whimsy and quirk in addition to lots of pretty pictures.

Written by acclaimed writer and host Ashley Esqueda and featuring design & layout from Lost in Cult’s Jon Doyle, this The Art of Psychonauts 2 features never-before seen concept art, interviews, and more insights into the development of the acclaimed platformer from the fine humans at developer Double Fine Productions and publisher Xbox Game Studios

If you missed out on backing the Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 in 2016, now’s your chance to own a piece of Double Fine history. It’s a total no-brainer.



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