Rez Infinite PC Collector’s Edition

Rez Infinite PC Collector’s Edition


Regular price ¥5,600

  • Fluorescent Orange Cassette (Limited Edition of 888)

  • Music by Hydelic

  • Package Design by Gavin Turley

  • Includes Steam (PC) Download Code*

  • Includes Digital Download for Music

*Playable on your PC desktop (headset NOT required), or in fully immersive VR on HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift (with headset)

Rez Infinite needs no introduction. This ultra limited edition PC Collector’s Edition does, though, because it’s a real live relic of the analog acoustical age, housing a thoroughly  modern digital dreamscape. This fluorescent orange audio cassette contains those trippy, transient Area X beats of Hydelic, guaranteed to jettison you on a vibey flowride through the magical, vectorized realm of Synaesthesia. It’s a low-fi tribute for the 4K rebirth of Rez Infinite on PC, rationed to only 888 copies.

Rez Infinite © 2016 Enhance Games; Rez © 2001 SEGA