【iam8bit Exclusive】The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7”

【iam8bit Exclusive】The Super Mario Bros. Movie 7”


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・iam8bit Exclusive - not sold in stores

・7” Single on Audiophile Black

・Featuring the singles “Peaches” and “Mario Brothers Rap”

・Premium Diecut Jacket 

・Music by Jack Black and Ali Dee


Here at iam8bit, we know a hit single when we hear it.

The uproariously hilarious “Peaches” from the The Super Mario Bros. Movie definitely qualifies; it’s a catchy, melodramatic ballad told from Bowser’s perspective, an ode to his unrequited love for Princess Peach. The second we heard it, we knew it deserved to be immortalized in a special way.

iam8bit partnered with our pals at Nintendo, Illumination and Universal Pictures to drop this one of a kind 7” into your home. It’s the aforementioned ballad “Peaches” on the front side, rendered on wax for your listening pleasure. Meanwhile, the B-Side includes a special bonus surprise–it’s a brand-new rendition of the Mario Brothers Rap, straight from The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

A unifying and stunning die cut album design featuring Bowser passionately playing his piano, brings it all together in a nice, neat and incredibly cool package. It’s a celebration of everything that makes Bowser who he is: The fire-breathing King of the Koopas.





© 2023 Nintendo. Distributed by Back Lot Music, a division of Universal Studios Music LLLP under license from Nintendo. Motion Picture Artwork & Photos © 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios.



[Side A]


[Side B]

Mario Brothers Rap


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