UNDERTALE - Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP - iam8bit (Asia & Oceania)

UNDERTALE/传说之下 - Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP


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  • 180-gram vinyl (2xLP)
  • Includes Digital Soundtrack(MP3/320kbp)
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  • Music by Toby Fox
  • Album Art by Drew Wise

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“Listening to Toby Fox’s Undertale soundtrack is like searching around in your attic, knocking over an old box you didn’t know was there and watching in awe as a stack of long-lost, 16-bit Final Fantasy boss themes comes tumbling out.”

-  Paste Magazine


The acclaimed “Game of the Year,” perfect review receiving “Undertale” Soundtrack. After having received high demand, iam8bit is releasing the vinyl edition of this masterpiece. From the 101-track “Undertale” Soundtrack, iam8bit has carefully selected an arrangement of songs to put on two LP’s.

Here is a listing of the compilation!


Side A

  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Your Best Friend
  3. Fallen Down (Reprise)
  4. Ruins
  5. Enemy Approaching
  6. Determination
  7. Home
  8. Heartache
  9. Sans.
  10. Snowy
  11. Snowdin Town
  12. Bonetrousle
  13. Premonition
  14. Waterfall


Side B

  1. Quiet Water
  2. Memory
  3. Dummy!
  4. Temmie Village
  5. Tem Shop
  6. Spear of Justice
  7. Alphys
  8. Metal Crusher
  9. Another Medium
  10. Spider Dance
  11. Oh! One True Love
  12. It’s Raining Somewhere Else


Side C

  1. CORE
  2. Death By Glamour
  3. Undertale
  5. Your Best Nightmare
  6. Finale


Side D

  1. Here We Are
  2. Amalgam
  3. Hopes And Dreams
  4. SAVE The World
  5. His Theme
  6. Respite
  7. Last Goodbye
  8. Battle Against A True Hero