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Viva Piñata Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP


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  • • Sweet & Sour Colored Vinyl 2LP
  • • Music by Grant Kirkhope
  • • Album Art by Ashton Dame
  • • Feat. Previously Unreleased Tracks, Remastered Exclusively for Vinyl
  • • Includes Digital Soundtrack*

Composer Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark) is an auteur of aural whimsy, bringing his soundtracks a profound sense of playfulness that quickly inspire smiles in anyone within earshot. Viva Piñata, though, isn’t just fun - it’s a theatrical opus that, at times, can feel like a stage production of The Nutcracker. Listen to a few tracks, then imagine these piñata creatures on their tiptoes in leotards - a silly thought, but makes perfect sense. The music is orchestral, fluttery and sometimes big, but also feels very “tangible,” which is why artist Ashton Dame applied cut-paper techniques to the cover (using actual scissors and glue; they’re piñatas, after all!).