Wattam 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack: Mattaw

Wattam 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack: Mattaw


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"Wattam", brand new video game by Keita Takahashi who is renowned for Japan Game Awards and Good Design Award winner, "Katamari Damacy".
Original video game soundtrack is now released on 2LP vinyl package!



  • ●2xLP Bowler Hat Black Vinyl
  • ●Innovative Packaging w/ Popout Mayor Hat
  • ●Music by Asuka, Brad, Sam and Timmie
  • ●Album Art by Keita Takahashi

Wattam is undoubtedly a game bursting with personality thanks to its colorful cast of characters, yet creator Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy) knows just how important music is to dosing the universe with whimsy and charm. You don’t stand a chance against this incredible album, because listening to its many wondrous tracks immediately induces serenity through cartoonishly large smiles. Perfectly transporting listeners to an alternate realm of absolute glee, this soundtrack is actively jolly, yet surprisingly loungey, especially that infectiously - and instantly classic - theme song.