We Are OFK (PlayStation 5 Exclusive Edition)

We Are OFK (PlayStation 5 Exclusive Edition)


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・iam8bit Exclusive Edition

・Reversible coversheet designed by Nafisah Tung from Team OFK!

・Includes a 3D Papercraft constructed by Guardabosques of Debug, the cat from We Are OFK!

・Includes all five episodes - a complete collection!

・Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility


Seems like everywhere you go these days, people are asking the same question: “Who are OFK?” 

Ok, maybe people aren’t asking that yet, but pretty soon — they will be. And you’re already in the right place for this answer! Look at you, ahead of the trends. 

We Are OFK is a five episode series about four friends and their sometimes-funny, sometimes-tragic, always-entertaining misadventures as they attempt to break into the music business as the hit-indie-band-to-be, OFK. Beyond the slice-of-life storyline, you’ll also find an interactive music video of a new OFK song in each episode, all culminating, ultimately, in a catchy 5-track debut EP. 

It’s the brainchild of creative director Teddy Dief, perhaps based on some IRL experiences living life in Los Angeles, making this a semi-fictional, possibly meta, probably truthful experimental narrative mixtape of… but who really knows — it’s fucking awesome!

This iam8bit exclusive physical edition comes with all five episodes for Nintendo Switch, plus a reversible coversheet designed by Team OFK’s Nafisah Tung and a 3D papercraft of OFK’s adorable luminescent cat, Debug. Jam on!




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