Psychonauts 2 - 6xLP Complete Edition Box Set

Psychonauts 2 - 6xLP Complete Edition Box Set

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・6xLP Complete Edition Box Set

・On Psychedelic Green, Purple, and Yellow Splatter Vinyl

・Premium Keepsake Box

・Hypnotic SlipMat

・Includes all 3 Soundtrack Volumes

・Music by Peter McConnell

・Includes the track “Cosmic I” featuring Jack Black

・Album Art by Arno Kiss

・Includes Digital Download (Vol. 1 & 2 will be sent immediately. Vol. 3 will be sent upon its release)


Psychonauts 2 takes players through an assortment of densely wooded campgrounds and geometry-defying psychedelic landscapes to tell a story that effortlessly weaves together both heartbreak and hilarity. Like its lead character, Raz, the game is a high-flying act of narrative agility. 

Psychonauts 2’s soundtrack is just as wonderfully eclectic as the rest of the game, spanning everything from chilled-out campfire tunes to jam rock, and truly living up to the “psychedelic” label.

This 6xLP Complete Edition box set has it all: The utterly complete soundtrack from legendary composer Peter McConnell, spread across 3 volumes, all in one incredible (and very heavy) box. And yes, it even includes the track, “Cosmic I” from superstar Jack Black. Top it all off with album art from the mind-bendingly talented Arno Kiss, and you’ve got one heck of an unforgettable Complete Edition



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