Spiritfarer 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

Spiritfarer 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack


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・2xLP on Star Hat Green Vinyl

・Music by Max LL

・Album Art by Erin Vest

・Includes Digital Download

・Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering


Like life, the best soundtracks are a many-splintered pathway  encompassing everything from the happy moments to the scary unknowns. Composer Max LL has clearly experienced the up, down and sideways whimsies of humanity, because he captures them so poignantly in the score to Spiritfarer. This is a daring album, not because it’s recklessly brazen, but also, in fact, because its just the opposite - it’s not afraid of simplicity, finding absolute joy in single notes and sounds. With just a few plucks, an inspired curiosity can envelope you completely, and before you know it, it’s swelled into something orchestral and grand. But for every lovely musical thought, foreboding ones await. Perhaps that’s the real magic of Max LL’s approach, because even when the storm rolls in, you welcome what it prompts  deep feelings, and also, the reliable cadence of ocean waves. Spiritfarer, both the game and its music, is both vast and intimate  a true masterpiece worthy of wax.

Track List


Charon"s Burden
At Sea
Thunder Harvest
Island Discovery
Stella"s Lullaby
Into The Mines


Gurenu Fields
At Night
Don't Be Scared Stella
The Swarms Of Hades
Northern Waters
First Snow
Winter Village
Song Of Growth
The Hoarder
Lounge Music
Big Fish
Freeing The Dragon


Falling Stars
Mother Nebula Pillbug
Pulsar Pursuit
Tortoise Sisters
Treasure Hunt
Susan's Museum
Choo Choo!
Shallow Waters
Bottom Line Corp.
Dust Bunnies
Guardians & Memories
The Mist
Crow's End


Last Voyage
Stella's Departure
What Will You Leave Behind
(feat. Maude Plante-Husaruk)
[End Titles]
My Friends
(Spirit Theme Suite)
& Lily's Theme
What Will You Leave Behind
(feat. Timbre) [Reprise]


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