Stray (Playstation 4/5) - iam8bit Exclusive Edition

Stray (Playstation 4/5) - iam8bit Exclusive Edition


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・iam8bit Exclusive Edition

・Premium Matte Black O-Sleeve with Holofoil Spécialité

・Oversized 14.4” x 24” Poster of the Iconic First Teaser Art for Stray

・Six (6) Premium (and Frameable) Art Cards

・PLUS a Fuzzy Pettable Chenille Patch of - you guessed it - our Feline Hero

When developer BlueTwelve Studios dubbed their cyberpunk adventure game, Stray, they were gesturing towards something deeper than feline wordplay. To “stray” is to get lost, to wander from the path, to find oneself suddenly far away from home. 

Seeing the game’s long-forgotten, futuristic metropolis through the low perspective of a roaming cat certainly evokes that central thesis. Despite its relative hostility, the city’s seedy underbelly becomes a playground for all manner of nimble, stealthy antics as Stray’s protagonist (joined by the stalwart drone, B-12) works to find a way to get back home. 

In collaboration with BlueTwelve Studios and Annapurna Interactive, we are proud to present this iam8bit Exclusive Edition of Stray for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It includes a 14.4” x 24” poster of the iconic first teaser image released for Stray, harkening back to the initial reveal that so excited a heavily overlapping Venn diagram of gamers & cat fans. This edition also includes six (6) art cards, plus a fuzzy, pettable chenille patch of our feline hero, perfect for adorning backpacks of any size. It’s all packaged within a matte black o-sleeve featuring a premium holofoil finish. 


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