198X / Vinyl Soundtrack

198X / Vinyl Soundtrack


正常价格 ¥5,500

●Limited Edition of 500

●2xLP Retro Pink & Black Vinyl
Mastered Exclusively for Vinyl

●Music by Yuzo Koshiro, U.F.L., Anton Dromberg & Daniel Rosenquist

●Album Art by Waneella


198X is a coming-of-age arcade epic, telling its story through an impressive breadth of retro genres — platformer, racer RPG, shooter and brawler, all jam-packed into a rather familiar place: Suburbia, sometime in the 1980s. The soundtrack is equally robust, spanning across genres, all the way from arena rock guitar wails to the synth screams that make this particular decade’s sound so recognizable. Its nostalgic sounds are both familiar and fresh, perfectly suited for the warm, waxy comforts of vinyl.