Spinch (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)

Spinch (Nintendo Switch Physical Edition)


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Welcome to the psychedelic and bizarre world of Canadian artist Jesse Jacobs. Side-scrolling action with unreasonable difficulty, now in a Nintendo Switch package!

- iam8bit Exclusive Edition w/ Illustrated Zine by Jesse Jacobs

- Reversible cover sheet

- Art by Spinch creator, Jesse Jacobs

- Region Free - Worldwide Compatibility


Whether or not you adore the art of Salvador Dali, one thing is universal: You could easily imagine stepping right into one of his drippy, trippy paintings. The work of prolific Canadian cartoonist, Jesse Jacobs, subscribes to the same conceit. His illustrations are vibrant, impossibly colorful madness that are so painfully detailed, they’re both hypnotic and transportive. They open a portal to a psychedelic gameland, so it only seems natural that Spinch, a videogame, was born of his weird and wonderful drawings. Developer Queen Bee and publisher Akupara Games understood the potential of Jacobs’ imagination, translating pen and paper into a vast chasm of interactive ecstasy. Spinch invites you to vacation beyond the material realm, where punishing, old-school side-scrolling mechanics rule. If powerup mushrooms actually were “magic,” this is the astral plane they’d ferry you to.


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